Engraving Services

All of our products are professionally engraved. All engraving plates are traditionally drag diamond engraved and not a printed plate or label. All our engraving prices are not charged per letter so you can include all the information you require within the engraving cost.

Mechanical Engraving

At Trophyman we have 5 hi-tech desktop GEM engraving machines that enables us to engrave plates, medals, salvers, scrolls, pens and other small items at high speed.

We also have a large Newing Hall engraving machine that enables us to engrave large cups, tankards and salvers with text and logo's.

Then we have a Gravograph pantograph engraving machine that is used for updating annual perpetual awards.

Glass Engraving

All our glass items are engraved using a sandblasted process. This enables us to engrave logo's and text on to the glass. If you would like a logo or image engraved on to glass please email us with your requirements.

Laser Engraving.

We also have an CO2 Laser engraving machine which is ideal to engrave plastic signs, plaques and badges. The laser machine also engraves in to wood and marks certain metals.

Bespoke Centres.

At Trophyman all special bespoke centres are made in-house allowing us to make and dome up to 1500 centres a day. The centres are designed then printed and cut out on a special printer. The centres are then domed using a liquid resin to create a flexible domed centre.